Totally Tennyson featuring
6 Million Dollar Band

w/ The Gin Doctors & SuperMagick

at The Oriental Theater

Time: 4:45pm     Day: Saturday     Ages: 21+ Ages     Price: $35
This Event Has Ended

6th annual Totally Tennyson, sponsored by Nostalgic Homes, is stoked to return on Saturday April 30th, 2016. This '70s-'80s-'90s theme street crawl features totally tubular destinations from bars, pubs, restaurants, shops, a party bus, and more! Your ticket includes complimentary ‘tastes’ of what Tennyson has to offer between 35th-46th Avenues.  Proceeds of ticket sales going directly to local area public schools. Includes admission to the hottest concert by 6 Million Dollar Band, The Ultimate '80s Experience at the Oriental Theater!

Live music starts at 4:45pm in front of theater!

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9:00 pm
6 Million Dollar Band
6:00 pm
Gin Doctors
4:45 pm
6 Million Dollar Band

The Six Million Dollar Band (6MDB to their fans) delivers high-energy 80s New Wave music using a combination of new and old technology.  Five keyboards complement the guitar, drum and bass rhythm section, producing the classic sounds 80s fans love to hear.  Vintage 80s synths deliver album-perfect sound.  Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode and more are recreated faithfully and performed with the same energy as the original acts.

The members of 6MDB bring well-seasoned skills, each having played professionally for nearly two decades.  Blazing guitar solos, four part vocal harmonies, and genuine enthusiasm for the music complement the already unbeatable sound that the band delivers.  Thanks to their professionalism both on and off the stage, 6MDB has quickly become an in-demand act for large venues and private events alike.

See them live and discover why their audience describes them as "The ultimate 80s experience!"


Gin Doctors

It was a dark and stormy night, when an experiment in time travel went horribly awry...

Quench Nearly was visiting his good friend Tyler Despres one evening, and discussing the pros and cons of the current music scene in Denver. After several beers and a marathon game of pogs, they realized music stopped being good right around 15 years ago. They cobbled together a time machine made of Spin Doctors CD’s, slap bracelets, and several copies of the first season of Alf on VHS. They fueled it with twelve cans of Surge soda and hit the GO button...The time machine worked, but unfortunately only Quench’s dear friend zipped back to 1993. Quench knew if he wanted his friend back, he’d have to act fast.

He assembled three other musicians renowned for their 90’s chops and love of alt-rock, and the Gin Doctors were formed. Each gig gets them closer to their missing friend, and with the power of rock they will one day be reunited.

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It's magick......

Funk. Soul. Disco. Flashes of city streets, Rocky Mountain peaks, a distant bayou. Lights. Bodies. Sweat. Unrelenting gut-punching rhythm. Ecstatic musical adoration of life. A blooming, buzzing room where beautiful bodies bear funky-witness to the Super Magick dance-party experience! Take it in. Three buttery horns, a smokin female vocalist, drums, bass, guitar, and a smattering of analog synth burbles to fill the spaces. It's magick; believe it.


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