Krampus Nacht Denver

at The Oriental Theater

Time: 9:00pm     Day: Saturday     Doors: 8:00pm     Ages: 21+ Ages     Price: $20 - $50

$50 VIP PACKAGE includes early entrance, VIP seating, Krampus Nacht swag bag! 

Entertainment fromCity of Bohemia

plus local DJs all night, vendors, a naughty Christmas photo booth and interactive performers


The Legend of Krampus...

For hundreds of years, children in the dark forests of north central Europe have cowered and dreaded the annual return of Krampus, the Christmas demon.  His origins are fuzzy, rooted deep in German folklore.  But by the 17th century, he was appearing in Christmas cards, alongside Santa Claus… as his alter-ego, if you will. Santa gave toys to good little boys and girls.  Krampus, on the other hand …   

Naughty children had more to fear than a bag of coal from Krampus.  He would punish them, beat them, and worse.  Those who were truly naughty were stuffed into Krampus’s backpack and taken to his lair, where they were eaten.  

How in the hell, you may be asking, did this character get his own holiday?   It happened centuries ago..   The Feast of St. Nicholas, traditionally held the first week of December, was preceded the night before by “Krampusnacht” – the Night of Krampus.  On Krampusnacht,  Krampus would go from town to town, village to village, gathering up the naughty children and punishing them, stuffing them into his sack and kidnapping them.  

Modern Times

Today’s youth, as we have seen, are naughtier than ever. Many have grown to legal drinking and smoking age, giving them full reign to be even naughtier.  In these sinful times, during what we’re told is probably the end of days,  Krampus is no longer feared.  He is celebrated.  And so, the first week of December, we give you … the ultimate holiday celebration for the naughty boys and girls…